Landing Cooldown

Can someone tell me what the cooldown is? I’ve been doing touch & go’s and some of the landings didn’t count…

I think it’s 30 seconds


1 minute i think


It’s 30 seconds.

Tip: I tend to have a stopwatch when doing patterns, and I press “lap” every time I touch down. That why you can get 2 landing every minute as you can land exactly 31 seconds after :)


Thanks alot! WIll maximize the time.

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Lol ye I have done 120 landings in 90 mins once 😂

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What airport did you use?


I have some experience. When I had a 11 hours flight and touch down, it didn’t count me as a “LANDING”, my heart is broken😫😫

KEDW. Perfect for landings. Hope in an XCub and land and takoff with a 30sec gap on the same runway. (You don’t have to change runways or make a pattern just go up and down) KEDW has a 30000ft rubway


These are the current requirements for a landing. If you follow them. You should be good. :)

  • No landing (touchdown of wheels) in the last 30 seconds
  • Touchdown has to be on a runway
  • At least one main gear (not front wheel) touching the ground
  • Ground speed must be above 10kts
  • Landing must be done on a live server

What plane would you recommend?

XCub. Slow so you can fit so many landings. Also just land on the front wheel, no need to touch the back one

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Thanks! Will do next time.

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I use F22 quite often as well. Because the physics are pretty bad taking out flaps doesn’t actually push your nose up on that plane.

The TBM is also very easy. Flaps give good control. Speed and controling where you want to go is also very easy. I would recommend the airport KOAK for it.

@tunamkol That’s my strategy too, use an XCub and find a long runway and just fly glide above the runway and land back down 3/4 or all the way on the other side of the runway. :)

@That_Mango Just make sure you dont land too soon so you can comply with the landing cooldown!!! :)

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I used to do loops like this in a Cessna a while ago, haven’t had live in a while, but I think I got like 300 landings in an afternoon once.

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Got to wait 30 seconds before touching the wheel on the runway. I recommend using the x cub flying at 50 Knots and fly at an airport that has a long runway. (KORD, KDFW, KATL etc) up can even do up to 3 landing on one single runway!

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@AviatorGamerYT Ya, that is exactly what I do too!!! :)

@That_Mango I would try PANC, it has a long runway and not too much traffic, and has that “setting” for XCub flying!!! :)

On the HUD use the landing count so you can see when it registers also