Landing Contest at TNCM: results

First off, I like to thank everyone who participated in this event. So here’s the 5 people who had the best landing.

  1. Blackbird71: 9/10

  2. Peter-Ville: 9.1/10

  3. Jacob O’ Neil: 9.2/10

  4. Federico: 9.8/10

  5. Sully: 9.9/10image

Congrats to all who won!


All of my landing were under 350 fpm

The guy that kept messing around was annoying he was also running in to me he killed all 32 passengers on board😁😱😭

I mean 320 passengers

Stop taking-off wrong side of the runway.😠

@Blackbird71 Under 350fpm!! That’s why it looked like this😆


My first landing was OK, but i touched down a little far and hard.

Not sure if photoshop or perfectly times photo

Futurama squinting meme

@Boeing707 high speed photograph, with nice camera. You should get top of the range camera too. I assume you got good SLR camera.

That wasnt me i was actually following rule you were doing passovers of the airport. Even though there were people troolling

Even though both sides of the runway can be used for takeoff but only one for landing type in crazy st marteen 747 takeoff on youtube

Also do you have proof

Not bad, but nothing to brag with.
In real world normal landings are between -300 ft/min and -200 ft/min, smooth landings touch down with less than -200 ft/min.

After 1.5 years of playing IF, since some months 95% of my landings touch down wit about -200 ft/min (without A/P, completely manual).

Yes but at TNCM planes have to touch down as soon as possible

Uhm… Actually that runway is longer than many people think…

I don’t think so, almost overshot it if not for the braking system of my 747-8

Sure, if you don’t land with a typical landing weight ;)

Yes but they still need to touch down as soon as possible what other reason do all lf them fly 20 feet above the fence

The low fly-in is due to the missing ILS.