Landing contest at San Clamente Island Nalf

There will be a landing contest at San Clemente! I will pick 5 winners. The contest will start on Sunday 26th July. Good luck!

When doing an event, mention date,time, server. Prizes :P . Try to give all details.

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Any aircraft and what time is it in the UK

It will be at 3:00 on July the 26th gtm. It will be at San Clemente and will be on the free flight server. There will be practices that I will be watching at 2:30 and 4:00. Any aircraft is allowed. I will be recording it and uploading it to my YouTube channel you can find who the winners are on there! :smile:

Ok cool I’ll be there😀

2:30 pm GMT?

I’m coming to perform some touch and goes!

Yes 2:30pm gmt

Any that is taking part in the practice or the real event can you please put your Callsign number as 117 so that I can identify who is part of it. Thanks in advance!

Will you be spotting

Like park a plane out in the grass and take pictures

Yes I will I will park my plane at the end of the runway and also use the ATC camera. There is one last practice session that I’ll be watching at 5:15pm GMT.

Is it on the free server?

Yes free flight server on the San fransisco region I am going there now to watch anyone practice my callsign is speed bird 116

See u tomorrow at 3😆

Okay see you then!

so when is it and what server?

3:00pm GMT and its on the free flight server at San Clemente in San fransisco

San Clemente is in Socal region…3pm what day…tomorrow?

Yes tommorow at 3:00pm GMT

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It’s in the San fransisco region on ATC playground