Landing Competitions, But With a Twist. Looking at you devs :)

Now, dont get me wrong, sure there are good pilots out there. But what better way to see the community as a whole than in an area that has beautiful scenery and something we all like doing i.e landing competitions.

My idea behind this isnt just to host a competition just for bragging rights and then calling it there, but perhaps host annual, weekly or monthly landing competitions that have a reward behind it (hear me out).

Each competition would span for 7 days,each day the location changes, so does the approach, but the judging stays the same. Judges will be looking for: Center line, Approach, Consistency, Smoothness, Flare and Following NOTAMS. Pilots will takeoff and prepare for sequencing so that there is a smooth flow of aircraft allowing for enough distance for others to correct or decide.

Upon landing you will vacate the runway and be ready to taxi out again to be sent back into the air. Rotations are unknown for now but there would be a minimum of 3 for consistency.

At the end of each day the judges would tally the points for each pilot attending and at the end of the week the top 4 would be Issued a special custom tag (in IF under or beside their name tag) as “Landing Master” while the winner would be issued a “Landing Ace” Award/Badge.

Its just a cool concept that I’ve been thinking of and i thought that with the help of the community it could be brought up to the devs. Thanks, leave your opinions below, thank you for reading! - CT/BAVA186


If this was to happen you would have to have automated landing rating systems probably.

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Cool idea, but this is way to complex in practice! We also wouldn’t have the [wo]man power to spend the time reviewing landings, not would I have the patience 😉


IF Operations is a good app for that, but we also would have Judges!
Thanks for the feedback! -CT/BAVA186

Gasps OMG ITS MISHA. Hi there thanks for the reply and the information on this. Its sad it cant be put into action but maybe in the future if/when its possible this idea might still be in the back of your minds :)
Thanks again Misha - CT/BAVA186

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Agreed on it sounding like a logistical nightmare on a large recurring scale.


If you hosted an event like this, I would definitely like to join. Sounds fun.