Landing competition

Simply do a landing before 1900Z on the 16/1/19 and take a screenshot of your landing rate on live flight connect.

To look at this you will have to download the application onto a PC or laptop on the same WiFi as infinite flight and land…

I will also be competing, may the best landing win.

Ooh and also don’t edit the photo I want proof it was taken within the 24 hour window you have!!

A good idea. But this needs to be an event sorry to say because it kinda borders that line so give it a try.



Landing competitions are great. But if you are going to make this, do it correctly! put some substance to your thread, put some graphics, post some info. put some work into it!

That way, people will want to join in on the fun!


This should be #live:events not #live, also you are a TL2, meaning you can post in #live:events.

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