Landing Competition @ VHXX - 141400ZJUN18

Server: Casual

Region: Hong Kong

Airport: VHXX

Time: 1400Z Thursday 14 June

NOTAM: I will spawn up in a Hawaiian Boeing 717 and you can copy the flight plan off me. My callsign will be HELIOS and my Display name will be Ghost Plane. More gates will be added if required.

Gate 1: @theabdulrasheed
Gate 2: @Ignas04
Gate 3: @Hinata
Gate 4: @Sacha_Bonillo1
Gate 5: @marquise_carter
Gate 6: @JulianQ
Gate 7: @Sunset
Gate 8: @Mazen_Selim
Main Apron Gate 15: @Brad_Jones
Main Apron Gate 16:
Main Apron Gate 17:
Main Apron Gate 18:
Main Apron Gate 19: @HeliosAirways
Main Apron Gate 20: @PilotCool

Note: This is my first event so let me know if I’m doing something wrong.


Hey, event looks good you just need to fix up the title and put in the proper event formatting: Event Title @ ICAO - DDHHMMZMONYY


Because I’m in a great mood, I fixed the title for you :)


@HeliosAirways Ive just relized why your callsign will be Ghost plane


Shouldn’t it be JUN18?

Gosh, I’m in the past


Count me in please : SR421, Boeing 788

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I’am here:) @Sacha_Bonillo1 @N511YQ

Good for me . @Sacha_Bonillo1 @N511YQ

Wait, so you want to join the event?

Gafe 2 please :)

If someone already took it, then work our way up to Gate 3 and so on.

Also, what aircraft should I use?

And approximate length of the event?

It will be 23:00 in Japan so I don’t know if I can stay awake but sign me up:)
Gate 3 plz and I have the same questions as Ignas04!!


Around half an hour and you can use any plane you want.

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@Hinata here’s the info we wanted :)

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Kai Tak is my favorite airport. I won’t be able to join but I might spot hopefully in the FDS CRJ-700.

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What about the departing airport? Are we going to take off and land at VHXX?

Yes, we will takeoff and land at Kai Tak.

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Hey I want to join Gate 5 and please except me

I’ll take an availible gate please🙂 I’ll show up in a FDS CRJ-700

I wanna join this event.
Gate 7 please