Landing Competition Question

If you have seen CptNathanHope’s recent post on a new Landing competition system, then this post is for you. What would you recommend as being the smoothest aircraft for landing? Is there any aircraft in particular that might help to score extra points?


767 has the smoothest landings in my opinion.


First of all, you must use aircraft with the FDS livery to participate

A318, B777, B747-8, Dash-8 and 737BB
I may allow users to use others in the future ;)

Okay. The A318, 777, and Dash 8 I can land well in.

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Right, so the A318 and 777 have the smoothest landings in my opinion.


Any plane could have a smooth lading, you just have to practice

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You could say that, but I find the A318 and 777 having the smoothest landings.

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