Landing Competition @ KPSP - 061800ZJUL16

Can anyone fly at this event?

Don’t let the angles be acute. It would be difficult for jumbos to make an accurate turn. Especially if it’s a turn to get on final. But I would be there

That flight plan allows us to land for runway 13 which may be unavailable due to winds


It’d be 1400 in NY, not 1500.

We used to be an hour late to GMT

Anyone want to join me to practice some landings?

Where at??

It says in the title at KPSP

I was responding to the person who wants to practice

Oh sorry! My bad 😅

San clemente

Which server?

Are you there. We can practice an approach for 13R. Copy my flight plan. You take off then I take off few minutes after. Lets keep a good separation distance. Use flight of 2 and I’ll use flight of 3. Either way

Give me a few minutes, I just got home.

Ok then no problem

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If you want to be in a formation (ie about a mile or less apart), then we both use flight of 2. If you want to be more separate, then neither of us use flight of 2. My callsign will be ANGEL1 at San clemente on playground. What’s your callsign?

Etihad 488 heavy

Roger. Getting on now