Landing Competition @ KPSP - 061800ZJUL16

Leader of event: ATC1070

Aircraft: ANY

Airline: ANY

Airports: KLAX -> KPSP


Where to meet: TERMINAL 4 + 5

Date: July 6th 2016

Time: 18:00GMT

YOU are only to join if you are able to follow BASIC ATC instructions. You WILL be kicked and not be able to join in for the remainder of the event.

Event Plan

  1. I will be controling the Approches at KPSP.
  2. You will start to fly out to KPSP from KLAX respecting IFLIVE’s rules.
  3. Landings will begin to start on RWY 13R, one by one. I will list all of your scores here. If you would like to help judge, PM me and we’ll sort things.
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Maybe not KNUC.


What do you suggest?

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KPSP, KPMD if you want it to be at SoCal.

I will consider KSAN or KPSP. Most likely KPSP.

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You can’t park wide bodies at terminals 1 and 2.

Count me in

Yes, open to anyone who is able to follow simple ATC instructions.


Just saying you put 1800 Zulu but in GMT it’s 1900

No, it’s actually at 1800GMT. In the UK, it’s summer right now so we are using BST, 1 hour ahead. GMT is the Greenwich Median Time. Basically it’ll be at 1900hrs in the UK, and 1500hrs in New York. It’s adapts it for your own country’s time zone anyway.

Will you set a flight plan to follow?

Bring it on…

Please make the turns easy and don’t let the angles go below 90. Is it today tho?

I have the flight plane available. You don’t have to follow it exactly, but make sure you have it leading up to KPSP smoothly. I will also not be judging anyone who hasn’t got a flight plan.

If KPSP RWY 13L + 13R is open, use this plan.

If KPSP RWY 13L + 13R isnt open, use this plan, which uses 31L + 31R.

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What 90° angle?

KPSP doesn’t usually use 13 R

I will be there with my 737-800. Keep an eye out for WN2319, that’s me. Also, could I have gate 44 in Terminal 4?

Hope you take lots of screenshots

May I takeoff at KSMO? I get MAJOR lag at KLAX, and my game always crashes.

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