Landing Competition @ KBUR - 101800ZJAN16

Server: free flight

Region: southern california

Airport: KBUR

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: *Landing competition at Burbank. Be at the gates at around 1800Z, or 10:00 am Los Angeles time, 1:00pm New York, etc. the active runway tbt. I will be judge, but if anyone else wants to that’s ok.

this is for the gates, so no one spawns on top of another.

Gate a-1 (taken, full flight)
Gate a-2 (taken, jack mundy)
Gate a-3 (taken, Matt edvin)
Gate a-4 (taken, jfk plane spotter)
Gate a-5 (taken, Barry smith)
Gate a-6 (taken, Belfast spotter)
Gate a-7 (open)
Gate a-8 (open)
Gate a-9 (taken, Dennard Johnson)
If there are more participants, I will add more but for now it is good*

You need to be more descriptive:
Do you want

  • the hardest landings
  • the smoothest landings
  • upside down landings
  • slow landings
  • fast landings
  • etc
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Ok, I want no planes bigger than a 757 or a321, and smoothest landing with the best approach.

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A320 family / 737-700BBJ are a no-no. They have APPR.


I’ll know if someone is using auto land. It’s pretty obvious

I postponed it because I know nobody is going to care in 25 minutes

In postpone I’m coming

Coming! (filler)

I’m coming as well!!

Your gate a-2

Your gate a-3

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Your gate a-4

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30 minutes until we start!

I’d like to try thanks ?

Sure! Your gate a-6 at the start.

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I will try come

Ok. It’s in 25 minutes so if you can great!

Sorry am I a5 or a6 you have placed me in a 5 so I’m unsure and also is it on the basic playground with no rules thanks ?

A-5, my error ;)

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Your gate a-6

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