Landing Competition in St Maarten (Stand a chance to be on YT)

Hey all!
Im DerpCakeFlies, I am a YTber with 63 subs as of 22/8/18
I am planning to organise a landing event at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM/ TNCM) with any aircraft or livery! I will be recording the landings and I will be reviewing the clips and the Top 10 landings will get a shoutout in the highlights vid and 1 vid in the future!

The event will be on 31 August 2018 and start at 8p.m. SGT (1200Z)
Landing slots will be every 2min , you may reserve at most 3 slots out of the 15 slots ( Must be every alternate slot)

Slots : (SGT Time)
7:55pm --DerpCakeFlies (Inagural Landing)
8:00pm ----
8:06pm ----
8:08pm ----
8:10 PM ----
8:12pm ----
8:14pm ----
8:16pm ----
8:18pm ----
8:20pm —
8:22PM ----
8:24pm —
8:26pm -----
8:28pm -----
8:30pm ----

DM me or reply to this thread to reserve a slot (s)

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oh…ok ty! Sorry about that!

Once you become TL2 or, member, you can make this event again!

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Anyways , is what do you think of the timing, pls let me know so I know if the timing is ok for when i post next time!

Dylan, just go ahead and flag it. There is no need to tag a moderator here :)