Landing competition @ EHAM - 202200ZFEB17

Come Show off your landing skills at EHAM. We will have 2 judges first come first serve. Judge 1: @Collin_Mihalovich
Judge 2:
You do not have to reserve a spot but I just ask that you contact me so that I know that you will be competing. The event will take place tonight!! It will start at 10:00 pm USA eastern time. Come and join. Hope to see you there. Happy flying👨‍✈️👨‍✈️ The server where it will be taking place is in the training server.

May you specify which sever?

Any aircraft is allow?

please specify what server, runway, etc. And also this goes in the events category, not in the live.

Please use correct Event structure as found in #live:events.

I want to be a judge please

It’s gonna stay in live until he uses a proper #live:events format.

Also it’s one of those pop up events, not those planned ahead ones.

It won’t allow me to add it to live and events. When I try it won’t allow me. Please help I’m new at this!!

I think you must be wait until you are TL2 to post in events.

You can be a judge I will add you to the list.

Any aircraft you would like to choose

You need to follow the instructions shown in that topic.

I believe I fixed it

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Wait until you are a member to post events. Thanks:)