Landing Competition At TFFJ ( CLOSED )

Hi Infinite Flight Community! Anyone looking for a landing competition? Look no further!

General Information

This competition will be held on the Training Server One from 7:15 to 8:30 Eastern time and 6:15 to 7:30 Central Time. Held at TFFJ ( St. Barthelemy Gustaf I I I )

Compatible Aircraft

The ONLY compatible aircraft will be:

Caravan 208

Cessna 172

NOTE: If you are neither of these aircraft, your landing WILL NOT be counted and will not be qualified for TOP 10.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy!

I believe you have to be a member to create an event, sorry… :/


Please, try to correctly and actively format your next #live:events post revolving around these following specific guidelines…


Thank you for the tip didn’t know this.

@mattrich could you please resend the guidlines? Sorry I’m nooby at using the forum I just try to help :/

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How about the Cirrus SR22?

@mattrich how can I withdraw my post?

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A moderator will promptly withdraw this post from the [Infinite Flight Community] ( as soon as they are possibly able to on their own time ;)


I would still like to go :)

Thank you for mentioning that, but this event is going to be closed now. Sorry for the inconvenience


Don’t worry. T2 isn’t that far away if you put a little effort it 🙂