Landing Competition at Lukla @ VNSB - 300200ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: Himalayas

Airport: VNSB

Time: 0200Z

NOTAM: Welcome to the first annual Landing Competition at Lukla! This will be the Landing Competition that will push your piloting skills to the limit! 1,729 ft is how long you have to stop your Cessna C208 from crashing into the Mountain at the end of the RWY! You don’t make it out alive, you don’t qualify, simple as that. If you do successfully make it, you will be in the running to see who had the best landing at Lukla! Some more information will be provided below

1: you are to start at a nearby airport with the ICAO code of VNSB. Spawn at the area near the runway and wait till my command. Since the airport is so close to Lukla, you will wait till the aircraft in front of you is almost on final, to stop from congestion.

2: Once you have landed park at an empty area at Lukla till the Competition is over. It does not have to be on the asphalt. If we run out of room, then try to not create a bunch of contact with other aircraft nearby.

3: Have Fun! Do not rage quit if you crash on short final or hit the mountain. Just spawn in at a gate and watch the other landings!

List of who’s participating

Since there are no gates at VNSB I am just going to use a list of participants below this text.

List of participants: (and their order they will go)
@AllegiantAir - 1st
@Intelflight - 2nd (Doing ATC)
@PocketAviation - 3rd
@EpicLegend29 - 4th
@Lucas_Piedra - 5th
@Etrain - 6th
@Michael_McMurray - 7th
@Swiss - 8th
@Cbro4 - 9th
@Trio - 10th
@SwissCrow - 11th
@Pilot_Josh - 12th
@SF34 - 13th
@Clouds - 14th
@Justin_Chan - 15th
@Awoodbay - 16th
@WardellStephenCurry - 17th
@Infinite_Flyer - 18th
@Sherbert342 - 19th
@Kyle.Plane - 20th
@Murilo_Heindrich - 21th

Flight Plan

There is no Flight Plan since you will be in the air for like 2 minutes.


This Event is sponsored by Heartland Airways VA, and IF Tripreports!


If you would like your VA/VO sponsored at this event, please PM me and I will add you to the sponsorship board.

That about wraps up the events information! So what are you waiting for, join this lovely event at Lukla! Hope to see you there!

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Sign me up! Considering I can get an a380 there, a Cessna can’t be that hard.

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Roger, I have added you to the list!

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Add me as well! I love landing at VNLK


Well it’s VNLK lol, I’ll add you!

Count me in! I’m up for the challenge

Putting you down now!

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Sounds fun, consider me in.

Also, is there weight limitations?

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I’m in! Gen Av: N176TF. Michael McMurray.

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@Michael_McMurray and @Clouds you’re both in!

Will this be uk time starting

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I can manage to land an a319 there. Sign me up!

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Roger Swiss001 you got yourself a gate!

When is the event? I mean the date? And I just noticed that it’s at 3am in my time, I am going to be there anyway!


We might bump it up. And we could always move the time to ohh, 2100Z.

It’s ok I have no life!

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No weight limitations, u can be as light as you want

So when can we expect the event? In 2018? Or before?

lolololol Me too, brother.


We might just move it up to New Year’s Eve or the day before.