Landing Competition at Lukla! @ VNSB - 211400ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Mount Everest

Airport: VNSB

Destination : VNLK(Lukla)

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: We will be taking off at VNSB one at a time in a Skyhawk 172 in order down here /

Taking off and landing order.

If full move to the grass.


Please ask for ATC on bottom at Lukla



There are no ATC services provided on the casual server.


Can I join is event.

Lol sorry let me change it real quick.

Yes I’ll put you down.

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Can i be ATC and a judge pls

I’m not trying to be a pain in the butt, but this is basically the same thing as my event that I had not even a month ago, lets try to keep things original please


Yes I got it from you. Sorry I’ll put it original from you. I was in the event.

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Don’t have to do that lol, I’m fine with you making it.

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Sure I’ll put you down as ATC do Tower and judge.

Sorry, when is the event, im newb and dont know how it works…tks

Please add the date in your post. Was it for Saturday or Sunday?

Sunday See the title

It will be today at 1400Z

Maybe I can’t make it

@WardellStephenCurry there is no ATC at VNSB I dont think

I cannot get any

The Judge is in position

ATC is not available but I will do atc using a chat


I was there on time but unfortunately the organiser and contestant decided not to turn up!

@WardellStephenCurry @ItzEhs

I did did I get on casual?

I missed the event 😔