Landing Compeition Participants/Virtual Airlines

Hi guys I am going to be starting episodes of landing competitions on my YouTube channel and it would be great to see everybody’s skills and to be featured in my YouTube videos and see who makes it to number one! We will have commentary and single landing participants and virtual airlines going head to head to create a great show for everybody to be involved in. with all links to your pages if needed. No aircrafts with autoland will be included and if they are included with APPR and suspected of using the APPR they will be removed from the competition. Pm and let me know anybody can take part but there will be a percific aircraft all participants will use so we can see who’s got it going on. the games begin hope to hear from you 👨‍✈️

Please put your name down below so I know how many people are on board 👊🏻 Thanks again guys

Pilot Wars

  1. @Aly2120
  2. @GatwickGuy

Virtual Airlines Head To Head

  1. @LOT_Virtual
  2. @EthiopianVirtual

Only two virtual airlines needed per competition. Who’s going to take on the LOT fleet 👊🏻


Hi @Captain_Infinite,

This is definitely great idea!

A few words about making those competitions fair - most of aircrafts we have today in Infinite Flight, support APPR which can be a serious problem for competition. I have a few ideas how to solve this problem.

  1. Make landing competition at some hard-landing airports, where APPR will fail.
  2. Ask members to provide a screen recording of their landing to be sure they didn’t use AP.

Be involved bro it would be great to have your ideas on board 👊🏻 PM me your ideas and suggestion airports that are hard 👊🏻


Thanks, I will! I see a great opportunity for my own and other Virtual Airlines to have a chance in winning the game 😉


I want everyone to be involved and to be able to see that there are many great pilots throughout the fleet of infinite flight 👊🏻


I thought this was gonna be an event because of the name lol

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It is going to be an event for this evening if we get enough people involved 👊🏻

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You can also ask to fly certain aircrafts with no autoland features to qualify.

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That will be included bro thanks for the info 👊🏻 Are you coming by if we have enough? 👌🏻

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Sorry, but to plan event you have to follow topic rules.

I will! if im up in that time, hope many turn ups.

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Not sure that it will have many people because it will be today. Usually it take few days or even weeks to get enough participants.

If I’m honest I don’t really want it as an event on here as the airport could get flooded with people not in the competition plus I’d need a clear airport which is quiet so the pattern work can be done without interruption 👊🏻 Everybody if they put there names above at the description I’ve edited and virtual airlines post there’s too then we know who will be joining us 👊🏻

You can organize this event on Expert Server, where people will follow the rules. Many Virtual Airlines prefer to fly and organize events on Expert because of its strict organization. This event can be so potential and popular that you can have the support of IFATC. But first you need to plan the details, make an involving thread, etc.

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Would you be able to help me please we can discuss this further I’ll PM you

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Sure! Let’s do this.

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I’ve messaged you bro 👊🏻

What aircraft will LOT use?
Can it be the 787-8 Dreamliner?

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Both airlines can use there desired aircraft if the aircraft is not available in there livery 👊🏻 But all aircraft chosen must be the same aircraft in throughout there fleet 👌🏻

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There is a lot challenging airports for competition like LOWI, KDCA - river approach, NZQN and more.