Landing Challenge @ KLGA - 270125ZMAY19

  • Aircraft and Livery: American Airlines 787-9

  • Route: KLGA-KJFK

  • Time of Departure: 9:25pmEST


  • **Additional Information:**Pleas be nice to all your fellow pilots and enjoy this landing challenge!!!

Hello! This isn’t really a group flight at all. It’s more like an event. I see that you don’t have the right TL to create an event, here are some things to get you started:


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Looks like a group flight to me. Within 3 hours, no assigned gates, training server…🤔 @OrcaKid


U sure KLGA can handle X amounts of 789
I’m pretty sure the max it can handle is abt a 767
And that’s pushing it

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Yeah, it qualifies as a Group Flight.

I believe he made another topic and Tyler (don’t want to tag) told him that this can be a Group Flight.


He made a topic on how to create an event. I think this can be closed as he was not informed on the requirements on making events. Anyways good night everyone.

I’m just tired of overzealous wannabe moderators. They seem to really dislike the Group Flight category for some reason…and in my opinion are contributing to its demise.

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A event is a event that could be established at anytime, with gate assignments or anything other than a flight. If any of those boxes is checked, then it’s an event. In this case anything other than a flight is checked. It’s a landing competition

what is the challenge about???

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That distinction is not specified in the pinned rules of either section.

@Ben_Sheegog Is this flight completed?

The title now says May 27th (changed by @Brad according to editing logs), which would cause this to be greater than 6 hours from the time it was created or even the time of the group-flight in correlation to the current time.

Darn it!!! Why the 787-9??!!