Landing bug

Hey guys.
Have any of you encountered when on Final Approach, the app crashes and closes.

  1. Did a VHHH - LTFM. 1 minute 27 seconds to landing app crashes. 11 hr flight wasted
  2. SCEL - LEMD. On Final Approach app crashes again.

Any way to prevent his from happening.

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We’re your graphics on high? If so I would put them on medium or low, this is a way that I use to prevent my game from crashing


To find the best possible solution, we need a little more information. It would be great if the questions below can be answered.

  • What Device are you using?
  • What is the OS (Operating System)?
  • How much storage do you have available?
  • What is your graphic settings?

Your settings are probably too high for your device

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Clear scenery cache. Turn graphics (and other settings) down to low. Keep your device in a cool place (and plugged in). You should be good to go.

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Give your device also a restart before every flight longer than 4h

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Or every flight, regardless of length, if your device is on the older side.

Hi there!
I can understand that your app has crashed!
Did you try and make the fps setting less?
Infinite Flight Does recommend to put it at 30fps!:)

Thanks for feed back bro will do

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Yes always has had them on High but first time encountering problem. Thanks for feed back

That’s a different kind of pain. I did KLAX-LFPG and game crashed literally 500 ft from 08R and I just cried.

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