Landing Bug in Solo Mode

I recently flew an approach on final in solo mode. I spawned in the air like normal, but the whole thing was bugged and instead starting at 130-140 knots, the airspeed read zero and the plane stalled and crashed.

I managed to get a picture of it before crashing:

Can anyone of you explain the situation and fix it?

Hello mate,

As shown in the screenshot you have provided, the winds were 146 knots which is extremely intense to say the least. This most likely is the reason why the aircraft crashed.

I recommend selecting the hamburger icon (the three lines on the bottom right as shown in the screenshot), selecting weather and then changing the weather and wind to something slightly less intense.

Hope this helps!

Oh! The 146 was from the jet streams of my previous live flight! Thanks!!!

No worries, glad I could help you out.

Have a great day! 🤗

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