Landing big planes on a small airport... again

Today I decided to land big aircraft on a small airport again and not just any airport but Saba! Aka the smallest runway on the entire planet. Saba is an island in the carribean near the famous st. Maarten maho beach airport.

First we have air force one but… didnt go too well

Second we have the C17, not an easy plane to fly

Then after the A380 and not successful at all

Then we have the pencil plane again which did not end very good

I keep trying so hard but this happens when I use the DC10. Just pure sadness

finally we have the C130 but the approach was very bad.

a miracle occurred and with the C130’s amazing stopping performance I have made it and landed at saba

Hope it was fun for you!
Here is the first time I did something like this but at london city Landing big planes at london city (EGLC)


I really like that IF also pays attention to the exotic airports because saba looks great