landing big planes at small airport

Hello :)

This might be a dumb question but you are allowed to land big planes at small airports on the CASUAL server without getting any violations. Correct? I am already assuming yes but want to make sure.

You can’t violations on casual sever ;)


I believe you can get the taxi speed violation

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no you cannot as I took off from a taxiway on casual server before

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thank you :)

Ah okay, continue on with your journey my friend.

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There’s no violations or any forum of punishment on Casual. Only on Training/expert🙂


Howdy Tyler!

You can do anything you want on casual. It’s there for the purpose of no-rules flying (and also as a beginner server), so there are no worries on it. There’s no violations or ghosting. I highly recommend the Casual Server for things like altitude records, messing around, or pretending to be an F22 when you’re actually an A380.

Anyhow, have fun on the casual server!


Yes because casual server is freedom for everyone, no rules just do whatever you want (of course you still need to respect players)

Yeah you can do whatever you want but you must have some sense and respect others, don’t fly into them for example 😂

Ok thank the question has been answered can someone close this