Landing big planes at london city (EGLC)

So today I decided to go a little swiss001 style and land some planes at london city airport.

So first we got 747-8… not very successful

Now we got the 777-300er and I actually kinda buttered it and successfully made it!

Now we have the old c17 here and… you see

Now we have his cousin here who made it fully stopped but a bit off center line, but atleast we stopped!

And then the A380. Just. NO.

I literally started drifting like crazy!

Lastly here we got the pencil… probably the worst landing yet

wOw nice bounce

I mean its a nice gate?

Well thats it! Hope you enjoyed the fun see you next time!


I have a question is the 8th picture just blue? Or is it fully processed on your guys end?

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Ye the 8th Pic is blue, either way nice photos! Guessing it was pretty hard to do 😂

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Oh yea thanks! And ill try and reupload the picture

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I think its better now enjoy!

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Just to add, i like how they added 3D buildings to london city

Rip That C17

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Yea that was a tough one to watch

Cool challenge! I really thought the C17 would make it though

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Yea i had a bad approach on it

to be fair, the C17 is hard to fly

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Yea giving that it is the oldest plane in the simulator, the controls are a bit wonky and thats how I ended up in the pictures above

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