Landing at Zurich

I have been authorized to land on the RWY 14 LSZH, then on the RWY 16 LSZH. just landed I crossed a plane landing on the opposite RWY 34 … I do not understand yet I printed the fact.

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Ts1. No need for more explanations…

That server has good atc but also bad atc and pilots. It can be a troll. To avoid that come join the fun on expert 😉.


If this is training server I’m afraid we cannot do much because it’s a place for ATC to learn

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Training server = CHAOS
Expert Sever = ORDER

Which would you rather have?


Thank you, I think it was a mistake of the ATC, in fact I am surprised against it…


On the training server, the ATC are unregulated and often untrained. The same is true of the pilots. This means often issues like this will arise from pilot or ATC error, and it is just inevitable as the point of this server is to let people learn. Once you are grade 3 and can fly on expert you don’t have issues like this, as all ATC are regulated and qualified, and the pilots are punished if they misbehave.

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There is too many variables to consider to simply blame ATC. 🙄

With all the noob pilots on the training server I’m always amazed that our first instinct is to blame the helpless controller!