Landing at wrong runway in expert server

I was recently flying from Austin to Atlanta in a Delta a321 and only two runways were open( 26L and 26R) due to direct crosswind at 180. there were about three pilots who were being lazy and landed on the opposite runway and two pilots who took off on the opposite runway. Mind you, this is on EXPERT SERVER. Why is expert server like this.

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It’s IF, you can do whatever you want. And is this a direct retaliation to @GreenFire’s topic?

This is pilots’ choice . You can choose which runway you want. Just do not fly/taxi through others

Wind coming from 180 degrees at KATL is going to be essentially a direct crosswind for any of the 10 runways. As long as the pilots weren’t interfering, any runway should’ve been fine to utilize there. Just as a reminder, the runway colors are simply a guide as to where the most favorable conditions are. They don’t always dictate which ones are open.


hey if you want to say something about this you can replay here: Realism culture

Hi, I don’t think its necessarily a "realisim culture’ topic all, @Alex_Bornstein it does bother me when this happens, keep in mind the best thing to do is to follow traffic flow.

They are so redicious. They make other players have a bad flying experience!!😡😡

First what time Zulu? An hour ago?

And if it’s a direct crosswind why would it matter when side they land in? In this case joyous should follow traffic

At the end of the day, its the pilot’s choice. I don’t mind landing on the red runway so long as the flights I observe in FR24 do the same. I did that yesterday at WIII airport and so did the actual flight of SQ964.

from experience. If I am tired and lazy at night, I will literally wait for everyone to takeoff and then takeoff from the closest runway even if its on red.

Not evem that tbh. If it’s a direct crosswind most people probably don’t want to change their FPL

Why are you so angry …?

Things happen in a multi-player environment.