Landing at TNCM

St Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport (TNCM) is likely to feature today (1 January) on Expert so I just wanted to send a request to pilots landing there in relation to exiting runway 10.

As you can see from the chart below, there are three exits (C, D and E), the last of which many aircraft should be able to use with a decent bit of deceleration. This is a massive help to ATC as the airport gets busier.

Failing that, note that there is a turning area 2/3 to 3/4 of the way along the runway on the right (south side). If you have gone past exit E and thus get a Back Taxi instruction from Tower, please try to use this rather than drifting the whole length of the runway to the turning area at the 28 threshold.

Finally, when back-taxiing, please do so at a decent speed - you can go above the 35kt taxiway limit as you are on a runway. Use exit E for anything other than GA aircraft (which can come off at F).


EDIT - additional info

It is also helpful for pilots on final approach to note that there is a high likelihood of any aircraft that has landed in front of them needing to back-taxi before exiting. Although ATC will do their best to issue speed commands to allow time for this, take it into account yourself and make sure you are giving as much time as possible for the plane ahead to get off the runway. Failing to approach slowly enough will increase the chance of you having to make a go-around.


I’m gonna need max reversers to get off at Echo… should be able to in a 737.

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Probably best not to destroy the engines attempting it 😉

I guess the other point is to not slow too much, miss the exit and then creep slowly forward to the turning area - if E isn’t possible, slow at a rate to be 10kts or so for the midway turning circle.

Dash 8s failing to make E, on the other hand…

Ok i’ll aim for the turn area instead. Probably more realistic anyways

Great info, I believe a regular should switch this to a tutorial.

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Me too!
Happy Landing!

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This is great well done

I always end up back taxiing. This is very informative.

It usually happens to me, even in the simulators, where you only have to move your hand to activate (flaps, throttle, rudder …) is lazy, and it is very annoying to pass the exit taxi towards the taxiway, so I usually apply the brake to stop and the reverse to the maximum!
For not missing the exit to taxiway!
or for not continue to the backtaxi!

Does this happens to anyone else?

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Great tutorial! Very informative to help pilots make things easier for the ATC.

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I’m going to add to this by saying that because there is no Ground Frequency at TNCM, please follow ATIS. If it’s busy, please don’t try to do Real World Procedures. ( B767+ backtaxiing to Runway 10 via Charlie, or doing the Infamous taxiing at 8knts when making a turn around). Just Taxi regularly to the runway.

The active runway will Always be Runway 10. If there is a down time (there barely ever is), you could work with the controller on IFC and see if the controller will allow you to backtaxi Runway 28 to takeoff (if heavy for a long haul) or backtaxi Runway 10. A controller might not grant you that, but on downtime, controllers are more laxed and sometimes will impliment real world Procedures.

Another NOTAM
If you are in a commercial airliner, Please don’t spawn in the GA 01-07 Ramp Starts In hopes to cut the line. Spawn in the gates and wait in the long lines to takeoff like everyone else…

Reminder - TNCM is a difficult airport in Infinite Flight for IFATC and the controllers do a very good job. Direct all complaints/inquiries to the controller itself or to a moderator


Good work by the IFATC’s! I was in a TBM and there was no traffic really behind me, so I used a slower approach speed to help get some departures rolling. BTW if your in a prop, there is noreason why you can’t make Charlie Delta or Echo.

I used Delta for my landing, and I didn’t even need full reverse the entire time.


I found the approach to be very smooth! I landed in a 77W and made Echo. Great job ATC!

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