Landing at The Most Dangerous Airports!

Hi guys, for a youtube video I made. I challenged my self by landing at the some of the most dangerous airport in the world. Hope you like the video and I really challenged my self with these landings. I hope this inspires you to challenge the most dangerous approaches, airports and the shortest runways! I certainly learnt how to land in difficult situations better than ever before!

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Various
Airports: Various
Time: Various
Date: 15th March 2020

Video is below if you wish to watch and subscribe!


not bad imma watch it

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Thanks hope you enjoy it!

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Ah, just another typical Ryanair landing into Lukla, eh.

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I love how that 737 went beyblade-status when you tried to land on 05 at Courchevel.

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Lol Iā€™m glad u liked it

the 737 livery you used is super appropriate for your landings lmao

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Haha šŸ˜‚ so true