Landing at the airport asking not have an answer back

All I ever comes to landing airport ATC server returns not have an answer but I am takeoff and landing at the same airport also give me an answer someone can help me

Pardon? I’m not sure I understand the question? Can you clarify or provide examples please? Thanks.


For example
I flew Dash 8 aircraft from KSAN KLAX tower looks all right answers I came back to help the Los Angeles landing course 25L asked asked asked not answered and where you send messages Meged had written something not connected to do

IPad Air 2
Update 9.3.2

Were you on unicom by chance



Here is a picture that says it is offline

That was merely my first trouble shoot. I have no idea why he didn’t answer
. Sometimes when I get a lot of traffic I may ask you to hold, but I always answer

Thank hope that we fly together

Offline means they stopped controlling :)

Bruh, How are you doing 340Knots below 10,000 ft and not getting warned :O


If his acceleration is fast, the violation won’t come any faster.

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