Landing at Perth Airport after flight from London to Perth

After 15 hours and 30 minutes,finally arrived at Perth.


Wow! Amazing flight. I flew this flight last year but the from Perth to London, there sure were some beautiful views on the way!

Stay safe:)

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tq @Rian16

So patient. Hope to see more your pictures

I think I recognize your username. Did you see a SA A340 on your decent? If so, that was me :)

No.I don’t see SA A340 when I was descent.

Ah, I must’ve been thinking of someone else. Either way, nice photos!

Tq @TRDubh

I have never personally done this one but it is a long one, I should do it some time!

I have done a lot of long haul flight such as
#London-Singapore(12.5 hours)
#Singapore-Los Angeles(15.7 hours)
#Los Angeles-London(10.5 hours)
#New York-Dubai/Doha(12.6 hours)
#Doha-Auckland(16.3 hours)
#Auckland-Los Angeles(11.7 hours)
#Mexico City-Amsterdam(11.5 hours)
#Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur (11 hours)
#London-Perth(15.5 hours)


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