Landing At KLAX

Landing At KLAX 25L


Wow. Wonderful photo! Where were you coming from and what was the flight time?


Hey, please follow the s&v guidelines above :)


Sorry it was YESTERDAY Around 13:41 To be honest with you KMIA x KLAX

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No need to apologize, heres everything u need to know

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The post you linked is about the #ground-school:community-tutorials category

You did nothing wrong. You are wanting to learn more, and luckily, there are users on this forum that want to help others out, so, by making a mistake, you are learning what mistake you made, and how to change that so it doesn’t happen again.

@Levi.TT gave two links above that will help you on learning more about this forum and I ask you to do a quick read through to find out more. Keep the posts up, keep the likes up and keep the replies up and you will be TL2 in no time. (Don’t spam topics tho)

Down below is a getting started guide for the app as well as a Welcome to the Community Thread that will help even more with your learning of the Community.
Introduction | Infinite Flight

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