Landing at Keflavik

Today is an important day for me - one year ago I was flying to Iceland in a 757. Seeing as the 757 is un-flyable for me right now, I chose the WOW Air A320.

servers: Training
time: TODAY - 3 hours 15
route EGLL -> BIKF

On final runway 1

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Damn I want to go to Iceland, that’s on my bucket list. As well as the rest of the world 🤣

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Thanks, trust me… The waterfalls will amaze you if you are into nature :)

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Geography, Architecture, Transport.

^ My fascinations ^

Yeah I definitely want to go here, I mean look at my profile picture…

Cough cough visit Canada

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I really want to go to Iceland. On a WOW plane. But both those are unlikely.

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I love Keflavik airport! Nice shot!

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Not so possible

Perhaps we should fly together one day in IF :)

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love the pic, and to answer the question on your engine, I say yes

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Thanks! Also, have a great time when you go - I am going back asap when I can

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