Landing at JFK

I need Immediate Assistance Landing at JFK, I keep Executing a Missed Approached because JFK tower thinks the Airport is Busy. IT ISN’T!!! I need to land before I run out of fuel and Divert to Newark! Training Server!

Since this is a training server can you just divert? Can’t expect a good experience with the atc on training servers, so again, I suggest that you divert

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Just land anyway. They can’t do anything about it on Training server

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They think this is Expert Sever! It isn’t!

Does that violate the rules?

You can’t get reported by the controllers on TS. If you encounter a troll like this, just ignore them and go about your landing.

Phew… Back to KJKFK Unicom. Going to land now.

Thanks for the Info. I did divert once to Gateway KIWA after ATC failed to clear me to land in Phoenix KPHX.

Finally landed at JFK

If an Atc on TS tells airport is busy, please respect and divert. But if your fuel is minimum and if it is on TS, close your ears and land to busy airport🫡🫢🫣🤫🤔🥱

Safety, first⚓️🛟

Nice one, gotta love the training server, right?

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