Landing at HAAB!

I flew in from Bamako, Mali. Africa really is worth flying around in more and more, especially with the increased number of African airlines coming to the Sim! This flight was around 5.5h long and flew over some amazing landscapes!

The offset approach you can see was result of me following a real world STAR leading to the interesting RNAV to 07L!



Amazing views and still had a greaser! Nice Pics!

Wonder how you took some of those… ;)

Love the Ethiopian livery in general, nice shots!

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Nice shots Misha! Always love the Ethiopian livery on the Dreamliner. 😍

Really impressive flying skills obviously


Hey, how do you get real STAR charts? Search em up? Or is there a website? Thanks

Agree! Africa is beautiful. I did a little tour through Africa last week

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Nice pics Misha! I remember seeing you at GABS about to takeoff as I flew overhead👍

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Depends on the location. I have access to Jep charts/ForeFlight charts so I use those. For places such as the UK etc you can find them online for free


Looks great! Seen on the 'gram.
Love the new profile pic.

Live replay?? hehe