Landing at airport 3D

How are airports in landing 3D? How is it feeling to land at airports with a 3D view?


I Usually Feel Very Realistic Whenever I take Off 3D to 3D.



If your device doesn’t support 3D buildings, you could check out the #screenshots-and-videos category to experience what the 3D airports look like, through screenshots taken by other members.

Alternatively, the staff member AviatorDan does some wonderful livestreams of Friday Night Flights and Flash Flights - a lot of them at 3D airports. You could always tune in to one of those :)

Hope this answered your question.

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I have to say since 3D airport were established I quit flying to non-3D aiports. It’s not the same anymore.


Very good!!

Okay thanks!

Do you only fly 3D airport?

Almost. I think in the last months since they introduced 3D airports I landed at 5 non-3D airports.

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That’s one thing that’s been good… I don’t know how many airports in 3D there are in the IF

I don’t know either. Approx 30-40!? Delta-Bravo. There’s a good balance and you’re able to fly realistic routes.

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Understand. I look forward to being able to fly at these airports. It will definitely be cool, as you only like 3D airports, I believe it’s because it’s really good

It’s a very different experience, we had never experienced that before in IF, so turning into to the gate after landing or looking for your gate getting by references the buildings or preparing your aircraft parked at a real gate, for example , it’s a really cool feeling. And like someone said before, when you start flying at 3D airports it’s very boring to fly at non 3D airports again 😂

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😀😀😀 aware.

Landing at 3D airports where you actually pass by some buildings and tarmac with objects makes it very realistic feeling. Rwy 28 at Dublin is a great example !

Another one is Toronto Billy Bishop…there are probably quite a few more where you see 3D objects passing by on short final, which brings a sense of the real world to the sim…


Magnífic my friend

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