Landing at a busy Istanbul airport

A nice landing at a busy Istanbul airport after a long flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul. It was my first time using STAR at arrival since this is the first time I played IF expert server in a year and it was amazing! There where alot of planes so we were all in line as the ATC gave all of us vectors. I loved it and this is one of the reasons I love this game.

Schiphol airport -> Istanbul airport
Expert server


Which one? SAW,ISL,IST?

@Zak_Plant, Istanbul Airport is LTFM/IST which he is landing at. LTFM doenst have any special name, it is called the Istanbul Airport. LTBA/ISL is Ataturk Airport and LTFJ/SAW is Sabiha Gokcen.


They are all an istanbul airport

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Yes but most of the time you’d see them being called by their names: Ataturk, Sabina Gokcen. While LTFM/IST will always just be called “Istanbul airport”. Another example would be Tokyos airports: RJAA would be called Narita but RJTT would most likely just be called Tokyo.


Wow!! That is an incredible shot 🤩✈️


Istanbul is truly Beautiful to fly through. Looks like I missed out on all the fun 😭

Well anyways, these photos are truly amazing. Keep up the good work!

It was a fun sunday event