Landing are not increasing.

Hey, i noticed since a few days that my landings are not increasing…

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Which parameter are you looking at? These flights are not done on Solo i presume?

expert server…not solo

Noticed the same-thing too while on other servers

yea ? oh i thought its just a issue i have…

Two questions asked, one answered ;)

There’s a “Landings” options in the bottom status bar now. Please select it and do a pattern or two and see if it coutns up :)

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I notice my landings don’t count up on the bar or even after landing

oh i dint know about the new landings on status bar…that says 0 and the landings in grade chart dint increase

Okay, when did this start to happen? As much details as you can provide is helpful.

i think its after the new update…i got a speed violation and became grade 3…then came the update a few days later…after which i started noticing the landings not increasing…

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I notice this after the upgrade, I did several touch and goes with the X - Cub and noticed a few times it didn’t count the first or second time and then it was either hit or miss after. Adding on - Notice it both on Expert, and Training

Gave it a go just now, with the Xcub.

3 landings performed, 3 landings counted.
Have these been super tight patterns?

The first were

mine were not all on x cub…a few on x cub…then the 321…320…so on…they werent patterns…landed and exited runway to gate…

There’s 30 second limit between landings (in most cases). So if you do 2 landings within 30 seconds, only 1 will count.

@Captain_Dreamliner - regarding your longer flights… we’ll need the replays probably :)


oh ok…sure where should i send them to ? any email ?

That makes more sense thanks! Do they also count only on runways?

Send them to and I’ll take them from there :)

Yes & yes!


ok…thanks…i’ll notify here once i send…doing a flight now…landing in a few…

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