Landing approach Colombia airport

I don’t know if this is the correct forum but I needed some advices about the landing approach for SKAR
El Edén International - Colombia there’s only one runway and it’s difficult to land at night because of the mountains what lare some tips to making approaches easier

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What do you mean like IRL?

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Which airport and approach are you referring to?



To my knowledge there is no “Columbia” Airport. Please provide additional information!




I think he means KCAE

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El Edén International - Colombia

This one

El Edén International - Colombia 🇨🇴

This one sir SKAR
El Edén International - Colombia

Follow the approach charts

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It was just a misspelling issue. The user meant an airport in Colombia, but wrote “Columbia” by mistake. I’ve just made the correction in the title.

Follow the appropriate arrival procedure for the direction of your flight as shown in the charts provided above. Those are also in the IF Nav Database but may need to be verified against the charts for certain crossing levels. Add to Flight Plan and enjoy. It’s one of the more benign airports in Colombia.

I understand! Thanks for looking into it Bruno!

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