Landing animation rework

I would simply like to see if the landing animation can be reworked. U can butter the runway, smoothest u ever saw in ur sim career and the guy holding short or the ATC watching u will see u slam. Can this be a rework to smoothen out the animations for other pilots. Hopefully this can be a future rework

I understated this lol! I don’t know how they’d do it in live mode but I have the same problem for replays (you should include that in your request) when I look I just slam it. I definitely support this and I’ll try to clear up a vote.


Thank you :))

Yeah I totally agree with this
This is something to do with the actual server, I mean there is something specific but as I was writing this I completely forgot, but IF might not be able to change this.
Like for example MFS2020, you don’t have that issue because their servers run very smoothly because Asobo developed it under Microsoft’s name, and ofc they are very rich, so they have that ability with their fancy technology. Also sorry I used MFS2020 as an example here but they are one of few FS’s that actually have multiplayer (Great job IF, you are so close to MFS level with your multiplayer and even better in the global services since MFS is missing so many airports even though that has nothing to do with this topic)
But if IF are able to do this, the fantastic! I’d love it!
But I dont have an explanation for the replay mode, sorry

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