Landing Angle of attack and flare angle for a320?

Question is in the title :)

Up to +5 degrees is what I tend to go off, depends on speed weight ect (flare)

+10-15 degrees (takeoff AOA), again depends on N1 weight desired altitude etc

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2°-5° will do. It depends on your aircraft weight, speed and weather condition

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Pitch determines airspeed, so the correct AOA is whatever gives your desired airspeed and vertical profile. The actual pitch in degrees will also vary depending on flap setting. I notice that that the A320 pitches fairly nose up with full flaps and at final approach speed, (around 140kts?). I couldn’t tell you what AOA that might be, but it means that the flare only needs to pull the nose a tiny bit. The aircraft is pretty much already in a flare…

Its worth mentioning that pitch and AOA are different, I believe AOA is measured at the wing leading edge, and pitch is the nose angle away from level. Commercial aircraft may have an AOA indicator.

sorry I didn’t specify. I meant landing aoa

You may mean ‘nose pitch angle’ …we can’t really set an angle of attack as we dont have any indication of it. The actual AOA will change every time based on wind speed, power and pitch settings.

Okay thx for the info

That’s flare pitch :) that’s why first point

I’m a pilot but will admit not an expert on aerodynamics. But basically I understand that AOA is the angle that the airflow hits the wing leading edge. So depending on configuration, wind direction, and nose pitch it varies.

This might help:

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Thanks everyone I’ve now mastered the art of flaring

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