Landing and takeoff problem

Most of the time when I takeoff I get to a certain speed and it throws me to the to the right and left and when I land the same happens but worse. Can you tell me how to avoid it as much as possible. And the second thing how do people keep on the centerline so good but I don’t. Can you help me with that to. Both are really annoying.

Most the time is because of winds throwing you side to side. Make sure to use your rudder in these cases.


Yes but most people are able to handle it easily.

Because they use a lot of rudder. You could practice in solo with crosswinds and work on your rudder movements?

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OK I’ll try

Also another thing that would help is turning auto-coordination off, if you haven’t already done so.


For crosswind takeoffs, you can also use a bit of aileron. This is used by deflecting your ailerons to the direction the crosswind is blowing to.


I have it on but I’ll try with it off


Ailerons? What’s that

Yep good! Just practice, practice, practice, is all I can say. It’s helped me a lot.



The controls responsible for the banking of the plane.


OK thanks for saying

Thanks a lot for helping

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Thanks a lot for helping I appreciate it

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Generally, aileron in the wind and opposite rudder will keep you centred… with practice, both for takeoff and landing!
Happy flights!

Tap the HDG control as soon as you lift off. This will keep you straight on the runway heading as you climb out.

I keep having problem with my landing counts I supposed to have 23 but it only count 11 sorry English my 2 language