Landing and 'pause menu' update :D

It’s just irritating to end flight and go back and select landing to try again. Can there be a button on the pause menu to get back to a longer final? Instead of short final? I would also like an option for a longer final, maybe at about 10000 ft.


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Good idea “Bad Pilot”. I use the filming feature often to review my technique when I refam an airframe that I’ve not flown for a period. The “Short” Final sequence does not provide sufficient time to run a check list, adjust speed/lap settings etc . The only option at present it to refly the check sortie. A 5 mile/2000 Ft AGL final sequence alone with out the reset option would suit me fine. Max Sends


I would love to see a “Long Final” button on the Pause menu in Solo mode. When I’m practicing landings, I often do Short Final over and over again. But it’s so darn short that I miss valuable parts of the final approach.

What you did is called necroposting - the act of replying to/bumping a topic that is really old. In this case, it’s a whole year. Please refrain from doing this in the future.

Thanks. :)