Landing and/or Approach

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I have been wondering if there is any specific altitude throughout an approach where it is best to extend the landing gear and the flaps? Perhaps taking the weight into consideration is essential as well, however, there should be like a minimum altitude where it is best to make a good approach onto the runway…

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This shouldn’t go in #support, but I’ll answer it anyways. Flaps should be set as soon as possible when you go below a certain speed (depending on the aircraft. google “[PLANE] flap extension schedule”). Gear should normally be extended once you are on the ILS, around 10nm out. All of this varies from company procedures, but that’s a beginner’s reference. :)

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As for gear, I say 4nm to 6nm out is good

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Well, you should be fully configured entering the glideslope. During my training and type rating, we lowered the gear and flaps to final configuration, when the glideslope become alive.


Very much appreciated thanks !

I concur with LeoHund. I usually tell a pilot wheels should be down 10-30 seconds before intercepting the glide path. Our only requirement is before they begin descent


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