Landing and Flight Time immediate count

Imagine if you are doing a lot of TnGs and suddenly your game crashed, you dont loose XP, but you Do loose Landing and Flight time, so this Request is that Landing and Flight Time will count Immediately after you do it, and After passing a 1 min of Flying, as this would Save your Current Status after crashing.

[Spoiler]Note:- I didnt find any topic about this [/Spoiler]

This would probably take a lot of time to implement… not too sure. Good idea but it probably won’t happen.

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Already does - the server live streams XP, time and landings. It just takes time for the server to process and update this


Actually experienced Past Crashes and Flight time and Landing Didnt Appear till now, and which some of them happened in the C130 Update

No need for this since Live is a livestream and data is logged. Recommend that this be closed since this request isn’t necessary.

Look here…


Read it, I am About Crashes i experienced Last Months

PM Tyler bud. He will help you, no need to make a new topic when @Insertusernamehere provided you Seb’s answer to your request from another thread.

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Stats are continuously uploaded to the server live. So everything that happened before the crash was recorded.

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That was a past tense that I used to acknowledge that i read what insertusernamehere posted

Damn English language and having two words spelled exactly the same. Sorry.


Already a feature :)