Landing and camera goes weird

So I was flying from CYEG to CYLW and I was on final 7nm out and all the sudden my camera would be doing weird things like making it look like I’m diving straight down then glitching back up.


Do you have an video proof of this happening so we can better understand your issue? If so, please upload it to youtube, unlist, and then send the link here.

Feel free to upload a video to youtube, unlist, then share here. Thanks!

Same thing happened to me. I got a video and will upload it later tonight if I can find the time.


I’ve seen this in a live stream

I believe this is your issue. It starts at 2:30:37

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this just happened to me flying from AMS to Madrid, annoying because the flight was about 4 hours and then i crashed right before landing

couple of things going on here, with the cockpit view bouncing up and down and that should be LOWI airport but it disappeared before I started recording.

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same I’m converting my video to a Jpeg rn but i had a 5 and a half hr flight and crashed because of it.

It is very annoying when it happens on a long haul flight

Yes this I what happened

This is because of the server issues. Causing a lot of odd consequences.