Landing almost completely sideways

Ok so I found a little trick, hop in a Cirrus put wind velocity to max on the side of the plane, use rudder to go even more sideways then try to land as softly as possible (most likely on taxiway)

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If you could take some better photos that would be great
I can’t really see how it’s landing sideways

Use this

Use airshou with Impactor

@GordenW @Jakob you have to upload videos to youtube if you want to share them on the forums

Yes, first use the recorder then upload!

ok though he might not have a youtube channel.
back on topic

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Here ya go guys @Oli_H @Jakob @GordenW

where are the new photos?

I might just put the YouTube link I can’t really get good photos

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Really cool landing

do it on the expert server please

Well if I was a grade 3 maybe I would try that and see if they ghost me or just let it fly because it looked awesome 😂

You can’t really recreate this in Live since the weather would have to be extreme.

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