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Good morning, IFC!
Hope everyone is doing well, and for the pilots that are celebrating Hanukkah this year, Happy Hanukkah!
I was very curious as to the percentages of pilots who prefer using landing aids vs who don’t. I personally like to use them as they make my landings that more precise, although I do know of some pilots who prefer them off for an increase in realism, among other minor reasons.
Say no more, here is the official poll!

Do you prefer to use landing aids?
  • Yes
  • No

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Be sure to let me know down below the reasons for the answer you chose, as I feel this is a really cool way to see all the vast differences of opinion regarding if you use them and why/why not.
Cheers everyone!
And to the Christmas-Observant pilots, Have a merry (soon-to-be) Christmas!
Have an amazing day!

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I never use them then again I am a student Pilot In real life and I fly very realistically


Cool mate! I envy your abilities as if I don’t use them my landings aren’t as swell as is with them lol

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Use the ILS glideslope and localizer instead.


You are correct, in that case, I probably should turn it off. Although I prefer using them for non-ils equipped airports (runways) as they are sort of a “3rd party” version to ILS lol

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Does the Flight Director on the HUD count as a landing aid? I use it all the time to help eyeball the touchdown spot.

I think there are plenty of good realistic technologies simulated in the app, so we shouldn’t really need the red boxes. But for complete beginners to get a feel of the planes and have a chance of getting onto the runway, I guess its a good option to have.


It helps to aid the precision of your landings, but it isn’t really Infinite Flight’s Landing Aid (red boxes).
I definitely agree that they are better off for pilots getting a feel for the game, but they definitely do help during harsh weather, non IFR conditions, etc.


I stopped using it since I have Infinite Flight Connect.

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Cool man!!

We’re at a 80:20 split, that’s a shockingly huge difference (in my opinion) lol

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