Landing after head Injury! (Ugly)

Well, real quick I have not flown in IF due to a head injury for a few days. I just finished a flight from KORD - KSAN in a United B739 and the landing was UGLY!

Warning The plane is in maintenance to get a NEW TAIL!!

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Have you ever had a landing like mine? If so how bad was it?


Ryanair now hiring


It wasn’t that bad, ask @KBUR_Aviation about it.

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@kBuR_aViAtiOn I have several questions

Rip last row and what happened to ur head if u dont mind…and are u ok now?

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PM me I will tell you


Didn’t know United was breaking FAA rules and put pilots back into flying after head injuries 😳


Nah, that’s Ryanair, but they had to lease a plane from United bc all of theirs were broken 😂

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I might be fired soon, but well at least I didn’t crash, there is a positive!


No problem bc

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ummmmm I will past

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Ima need you to copy this number…

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Unable United 438VA

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Understandable taxi to gate Via Bravo 5, left on Charlie


Taxi to gate via Charlie 5 left on Bravo

@A320_Flyerboy19: Head injury

United 737-900: Tail-end injury

I think you may need to take a couple more days off 😂


United turn on your A320s autopilot, anyone that flys Airbus doesn’t fly you baby sit the aircraft


Considering the fact that you had a head injury, props to you making it to the runway!

I almost landed on the taxi way, that would have been a whole different topic!

Not to mention my first flight was on Expert Server not casual

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Everyone’s wig must have been dragged on that landing