Landing Advice?

Hello everyone I just want to know when coming in for.Landing do youguys use A/P at a certain altitude and then come in manual because I have ILS but it doesn’t work and how much Miles should you be from the runway on final approach to make a safe landing.

Hi, I’ve only been on 2 weeks but learning gradually, I use AP on approach and then click it off when I see the red boxes. Slow and low I keep saying to myself lol, I’m sure the pros will have a different solution but that’s what I do :)

Good luck

Hello, take a look at the tutorial below and you will see how to roughly fly the approach.

Personally I use the autopilot to guide me to the cone then I take manual control of the heading using the tilt or the heading selector so not on nav then use the autopilot to descend. At 4nm away or so I take over manually and disable the Autopilot.

Thank you so.much its still helps alot every bit helps because I fly autopilot at about 6000ft then I go manual on the glidslope when I enter the glideslope for final I am at 4500 abt 8nm I let my wheels come out dont know if im doing it right I just struggle when I should start letting my flaps down

What do you mean the ILS doesn’t work? I tend to disconnect at 1000 feet but it varies to what you’re comfortable with. You’ve been making a lot of topics so make sure you read/watch all the tutorials because they may answer many of your questions.

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Thank you so much for the vid and information appreciate it alor because I always struggle with how high I must be at a sertain point to make a safe landing I always panic abit at the end.

At the top of youre SPD it shows nav so when I click on it it shows ILS but only says I can use Nav and yess im defos saving all the tutorials to.go wach then I appreciate all the help from everyone it gives me.more a guideline to what to I.know with time il get better but I take everyones advice to 💪

No worries. You are a new pilot to IF, I see the same issues I had in most other newcomers. You want to be around 3000ft when at the cone and then use the ap to descend if you don’t want to take manual control. Set the alt to 0 and then have the VS increase or decrease. Being at 180 knots with flaps makes it smoother and using trim stops the plane from falling as soon as you disengage autopilot.

If you let us know all the issues you have, not knowing how to use trim, flaps, landing speeds etc we can offer solutions to each.

Also if you go on solo and click the approach that will give you some help with what alts and speed you should be, also turn on the landing aids.

Thank you so.much yess being new to the game I have a lot to learn because I always played flight simulator X just knowing how to fly and not getting to know the procedures for a decent landing and didnt use ATC alot so getting use to the comands and also if you can help with the trim I need to when coming in.for.landing💪💪💪

Okay so trim in simple terms just reduces the amount of tilt you have to use to keep the plane going up and down the way you want. So for example if I use more trim I don’t need to pull up as much on my device. Trim is used during takeoff and landing and I use it the most for landing to ensure the plane doesn’t just drop after disabling the autopilot, also for takeoff it helps get you off the ground easier.

Official tutorial below:

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Thank you so so so.much for tge advice I did wach the vid know I saw that he approach the glide slopw with 3000 ft he said you.must make suddent movement just minor ones and use the throttle to help with decent thanks for all the help💪

Wow this helped alot so I can use positive trim for.Landing then I can focus more on my role and use the AP for decent as you thank yiy fir helping with tutorials💪


What aircraft? Not all of them have appr

I have the A320 I I check it know.but not sure how it work the Appr.

In my opinion APPR is hard to set up, it’s way easier just to plan your approach. Every time I try to even think about APPR I’m way out of reach on the scale so I opt for manual landing.

I would recommend a few things.

  1. Check the charts (google) for your approach at a given airport-check those altitudes and be at them.
  2. Check for aircraft landing speeds-there is tons of info/charts out there for A320/737 series. Others may be harder to find.

Fly by the numbers. I’ve found that if you’re on altitude per the ILS Chart and more importantly-on speed, your landings will be much easier.

Here’s two hours worth of A32X series landing tutorial

In addition, buying In Flight Assistant and the In App purchases (roughly $20 all in) will give you VNAV that you can set to help get you on speed/altitude.

I am now quite experience in IF and to make sure you have a smooth APPR approach make sure your ILS is lined up on the right runway and your a bit higher than minimums so your plane doesn’t spiral upwards.

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