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How can I make a steady landing because it gets difficult when you go into final what hand movements do I need…😁😁

I keep my sensitivity low so I can keep it pretty steady. Try lowering your sensitivity. You will have to tilt a lot when you rotate and flare and turn and stuff though.

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It takes form manuel avion since you enter the ILS and controls the height and center of the track, this is seen in direction and height when you are established in an ILS. Also remember to bring the speed of landing, according to the number of flaps you carry and remember not to go too fast to have better control of the plane.

Practice, practice and more practice. Important factors are your weight and flap setting as they determine your landing speed. Have a look at #tutorials for tons of great useful information.


Practice on solo with the same commercial aircraft for a bit then as you change commercial aircraft you will only need to make modest adjustments. Some aircraft I land on low sensitivity and some I land on normal. I make that determination based on the aircraft and how I know it responds vs a jittery hand for example. You also may find yourself calibrating a few times as you approach your final descent. That can feel awkward but once you get the hang of it you’ll find it is pretty quick to do. Hope this helps.

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I normally do 100% thrust and go to idle at 50 feet to set my plane up for the landing and I have my thumb hovering over the rudder button if things go wrong

What speeds are you landing at and do you use flaps and trim?

Just keep your hands steady and don’t make any sudden movements cuz it will definitely let’s just say it won’t be grate you’ll be underground 😂😂😂😂😂

Like what others have said, practice makes perfect. Before I joined Southwest Virtual, I sucked at landing the 737 aircraft. Over 250 flight hours later, I can say I have practically mastered the 737. When I’m teaching someone to land the 737, they are so eager to just touchdown. That is exactly what you do not want to do. When you are just over the runway and you begin to flare, just let the aircraft land itself basically. Hold that flare position and the aircraft will bring itself to the ground. If there is one tip, just keep landing over and over again.


Do an ILS/GPS approach. If you do these they guide you pretty well. Then you can try a visual. :)

Use the HDG and VS controls to stay on the localizer and glide slope. If you do this, you don’t need to steer by hand at all.

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