Landing A Plane Like A Helicopter

Hey guys! I was watching a video earlier about the shortest landing distance. Heres the video:
The plane lands just like a helicopter. I thought that I would try doing it so I hopped into a solo flight with the Super Decathlon at KRFD. I spawned on runway 25 with the wind going against me at 96 knots. I went to short final and used the throttle to try to get a very slow ground speed. It took me a while to get a good landing. It was great until the end when the wind took me away lol. Heres the video of me attempting it:

I’m not sure if this is in the right category…

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@ztoastednoodle… MaxSez; The short field 3 point landing contest is an annual event but your 3 point with the Decathlon got my attention.
I’ll be sorry to see the SuperD go to the bone yard. Try the short 3 point again, Stick all the way back, brake set, chop throttle in ground effect ya got a world record in helo effect. Your mistake, power applied, brake not set, roll back, runaway, ground loop.