Landing a Plane in an Emergency?

Think you have the guts to do this?

I would love the opportunity, but it is also a very scary experience!


Intriguing isn’t it. Flying manually could be problematic - the pitch / power coupling on some airliners when light can be a bit of a handful.

This kind of situation has happened before - Helios flight 522. A 737-800. A cabin crew member who was also a commercially qualified, but not type rated, pilot took over a 737 after it depressurised. Unfortunately all died that day despite his brave efforts :(

There was another video like this and the general theme was people pressing buttons on the yoke which they thought was the radio, when it was actually the autopilot disconnect - things got very messy and chaos ensued.

I read on PPRUNE that Senior cabin crew are shown exactly where the radio buttons are, and are explicitly told not to touch anything and instead call in to HQ via SATCOM / airplane phone for instructions.

However could someone be talked to on the radio to program the FMC and autopilot - I reckon so.

If I ever found myself in that situation, even as a PPL I’m not touching those controls or throttle levers unless absolutely necessary. Big no no - the computer will do better on FMC guidance and auto land.


I’d like it if IF had an “emergency” feature where you could put your skills to the test and try to land a crippled plane. That would be epic!


Her manual landing looked like my first landing on IF. A firm landing to the right of the runway.

Or as the instructor put it, “The aircraft slammed into the ground”.

Good video. Shows there is much to do even on autoland. Good job, Natalja!

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